The importance of sexual satisfaction

The absence of regular, frequent and satisfactory sexual activity is one of the main reasons for consultation by couples in crisis. And, contrary to what is popularly held, women are the ones who most often feel the impact of this dissatisfaction, questioning the viability of the couple, says Nasio, professor for three decades at the University of Paris VII at the Sorbonne, and later founder of the famous Paris Psychoanalytical Seminars.

We have the misconception that men are thinking about sex all the time, and although that is partly true, specially those who hire Escorts Barcelona – we are thinking about sex all the time and we like sex frequently – women attach much more importance to the quality of sex and sexual satisfaction than men.

How to satisfy a woman

Sexual satisfaction in feminine terms, explains the Rosarino therapist,”means that sexual intercourse is for the woman a time when she feels wanted, where she feels that she is led by the man to orgasm. A woman in love is always a woman who has an orgasmic satisfaction with the man she is in love with. When you see a woman in love with a man, you should know that woman is sexually satisfied.”

Sex is one of the fundamental pillars of the couple, but it is not everything. Mutual admiration is also necessary:”The man must admire his wife because she is a good companion, a good mother, because she can work and at the same time take care of the house, because she knows how to cook, and so on,” says Nasio. Conversely, the woman has to admire the man, and not necessarily because he is virile, but because of the same qualities for which she must be admired: he is a good father, a good companion, a good friend, a generous man or because he even knows how to cook”.

The third factor that supports this microsociety called couple is for Nasio the dialogue, not casual or random, but a rather ritual exchange in which both members of the couple propose (tacitly) to talk about what they need to share.

Find a way to connect with your partner

“Just as sexual intercourse should be at least one, two or three times a week, I say you need to talk once or twice a week. And again, like sexual activity, the exchange of words should also have a somewhat ritual dimension. It is a good thing, for example, that on Saturday morning, when there is more time, dialogue is naturally established; there is no need to create a provision and have a regulation.

What to talk about? There is no established route – “they can talk about children, about parents, about work, but they need to talk” – just as it is not necessary to say everything:”You have to keep secrets,” says Nasio,”everyone has what is called a secret garden. And you have to respect it.