The importance of sexual satisfaction

The absence of regular, frequent and satisfactory sexual activity is one of the main reasons for consultation by couples in crisis. And, contrary to what is popularly held, women are the ones who most often feel the impact of this dissatisfaction, questioning the viability of the couple, says Nasio, professor for three decades at the University of Paris VII at the Sorbonne, and later founder of the famous Paris Psychoanalytical Seminars.

We have the misconception that men are thinking about sex all the time, and although that is partly true, specially those who hire Escorts Barcelona – we are thinking about sex all the time and we like sex frequently – women attach much more importance to the quality of sex and sexual satisfaction than men.

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Get to know yourself through erotic massages

There is a type of massage that goes further and these are the erotic ones, massages that allow us to know in depth every part of our body and is that through the skin we are able to perceive a greater amount of stimuli. Erotic massages are highly recommended to explore the sexual life of a couple. They help in approaching and improving the relationship, allowing us to reach new levels of intimacy and communication.

They are not always related to couple life. If you are a single person, you have the same right and duty to explore every inch of your body, plus the release of stress that gives us a good erotic massage. If you want to enjoy an erotic massage in barcelona, there are many massage centers that have opened their doors to a large number of people with only one purpose, to know the human body to awaken the desires we never thought we had, often provoked by taboos imposed by social morality.

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Breathing techniques that can help you feel better

Breathing is a natural thing that we all do every day without realizing it. But have you ever stopped to think about how your breathing rate affects your body and mind? When you feel nervous or angry, your body’s natural reaction is to fight or escape from that situation, but don’t think about relaxing and breathing.

Human beings respond to stress in very different ways; some pay for it by shouting and even getting violent with the people around them. Others are given to sleep for hours and hours, to self-medicate with painkillers, or worse: using alcohol and drugs, something that only hurts the state they are in even more.

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Enjoy a massage in the hotel room

For no person would have to be a secret that a good massage is one of the most relaxing experiences and activities that can awaken on a person’s body, so as long as certain characteristics are met at the time of performing it, the results will always be incredible.

In relation to the above, this is one of the reasons why masajes eroticos are usually recommended for all those people who seek to provide their body with a therapy that improves their health and particularly reduces stress.

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Tipos de masajes tantra

El masaje se puede considerar un medio pasivo que un profesional puede usar para prevenir, tratar o recuperar un exceso de carga o fatiga, una lesión, o como parte de la preparación de un deportista, pero no todos los masajes son del mismo tipo.

Uno de los más conocidos es el masaje de descarga, al que se recorre sobre todo para prevenir lesiones de repetición (por ejemplo una tendinitis) o bien para conseguir una recuperación profunda, y los efectos óptimos de este llegarán idealmente unos dos días después de la aplicación de este. Este se puede, además, combinar con un vendaje neuromuscular. Pero también existe el masaje tantra, que no tiene fines tan terapéuticos sino que se perciben como un instrumento para experimentar sensaciones placenteras.

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4 trucos para relajarse

Los nervios y el estrés están a la orden del día en la vida ajetreada y acelerada de la mayoría de personas, las responsabilidades y obligaciones a las que estamos sometidos nos acaban pasando factura, no sólo a nivel mental sino hasta físico. Es importante, incluso imprescindible que encontremos el modo de evitar que las tensiones nos sobrecarguen y así ahorrarnos los problemas que puede acarrear el estrés a largo plazo (contracturas musculares, ansiedad, incluso problemas cardiovasculares…)

Por eso, hoy os proponemos cuatro trucos prácticos que os ayudarán a aprender a relajaros y así sentiros mejor.

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