The moral conflict of living and working in Qatar

We have received several notes with questions about the everyday things of life in Qatar, such as housing, schools, dress code, relationships, escort beirut, etc, so we’ve decided that instead of responding one-to-one, it was better to make a note to discuss these details. Doha is an excellent place to live, with loads of money flowing, but you also have to take into account some factors that could be controversial for some people.

  • Education

In Doha, there are schools teaching american and european, the problem usually are quotas, although in many cases the companies are supporting their employees on this topic. There are also schools Indian and Filipino, but I do not think that are of your interest. If your child does not speak, there are a couple of schools in the you can take the appropriate grade and learn English at the same time, until they are ready to pass the exam of admission in the school of English speech. Is that one of these is the CEDAR, but it is that these colleges are more expensive than the other.

Of the colleges that exist, the American School is the most expensive, the kinder you can be in 24,000 QAR/year; the kinders in general cost of 10 to 24,000 QAR/year. The prices are going to rise with the degree and in the end the secondary school can cost between 35 and 50,000 QAR/year. I understand that the companies pay the children’s education until the completion of high school.

In terms of Universities, there is a good variety also, which includes: Qatar University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University, Virginia Commonwealth, College of the North Atlantic, Texas A&M, Weill Cornel Medical College, University of Calgary.

  • Entertainment

In Doha, the entertainment most common is Shopping, there are several shopping malls, such as Villagio, City Center, Royal Plaza, Landmark, The Mall, Salam Plaza, and Hyatt Plaza in which there are shops of all kinds, including La Senza, Sara, Banana Republic, etc Recently opened a shop Louis Vuitton in Villagio and are about to open a shop Versace. If you like the cinema, City Center and Royal Plaza have movie theaters, bring in some american films and many Bollywood. There is a center of Cinema on C Ring Road, but the better you are going to that you mentioned before, especially in summer.

To eat well, it is best to go to a 5 star hotel, in the Ramada, Rydges, Intercontinental, Movenpick, Marriott and Sheraton there are good restaurants, a great variety. On weekends, one option is to go to the desert and to the beach, but you can not do the whole year, and last week we closed the season of beach for the summer, because the heat is too strong, you have to wait until well into September that will lower the temperature and the humidity, but then, starting in December, you can’t go to the beach, because of the cold, but you can always go to the desert. The truth is an interesting ride, the scenery although austere is beautiful and above all changing, love that the kids can satisfy their testosterone running dunes.

  • Dress code

As you already know, Qatar is a muslim country and quite traditional, so that should be considered some rules in the dress, which include:

Ladies: avoid the use of short skirts, short shorts, or very tight and low cut tops in public places. At home or at your friend’s house you can dress as you want. The shawls or pashminas are very useful when you go to a restaurant or a party, to cover your shoulders in the way.

Gentlemen: avoid the use of shorts and shirts without sleeves in public places.

These rules have become more flexible a bit, filipinos, are very similar to the maracuchos, often walk in shorts and sandals (cholas), with their respective cap in the head. But in the case of women, it is best to dress in manner demure, to avoid bad times for looks disrespectful or approaches unwanted. Remember that in Doha, there lives a very large population of single men, who have for years without seeing their wives, girlfriends, or whatever, without being with a woman.

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