The new erotic massages, the great ‘boom’ during the MWC Barcelona

The sex industry in Barcelona work at any machine to which it is one of their annual events: the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will be held in the city from February 27th to March 2nd. Homes massage, escorts and clubs erotic in the Catalan capital admit that their collection is triggered during the fair. Some even hire extra staff to meet the volume of demand. But why not receiving an erotic massage barcelona? It is the perfect time. Businessmen tend to be very stressed and this event is one the biggest occasions in the calendar to sign agreements and get fundings. According to some experts in the massaging business, the calls to hire a service to “non-sexual, and quality” are tripled compared to a normal day.

During the same days will also work on a piecework basis, the Baghdad, the veteran “porn” show room. “I wish I had a Congress every day. During the MWC we open at eight, three hours earlier than usual,” explains Juani de Lucia, director of the local. It is estimated that up to 6,000 people will see the spectacle of the high-voltage of Baghdad during the four days of the congress.

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¿Cómo evitar el estrés?

Para evitar el estrés hay que tener en cuenta una serie de fundamentos y conocer sobre estrés trastorno común en la vida actual. El principal es buscar apoyo en otras personas, es recomendable rodearse de seres queridos o personas de confianza. Los amigos son los mejores, ellos tendrán problemas similares a los tuyos y sabrán comprenderte y apoyarte, es fundamental que cultives amistades.

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Barcelona, chosen as the best city to hire an escort

Natalia is not of this world, nor are the unicorns, the fairies and the goblins. For a good part of the population it is impossible for there to be a woman as well: prostitution by their own choice, without pressure of any man, and with a certain passion for their profession. But what already makes it an absolute rarity for many is that, in addition, to be considered a feminist. A prostitute, a feminist, or what is the same, someone who fights for the equality between the male and female sex and a fair sharing of roles. But how is that possible? Of course, because Natalie, Mary or Amanda are not exceptions, nor are they few, nor are they without opinion. Want your voice heard. They are women of flesh and bone barcelona escorts. Of flesh and bone that, according to them, is not for sale. “We do not sell our body, we only offer a sexual service.” says Natalie Ferrari, one of the girls more active, especially in social networks, for the defence of their freedom of choice and of his profession: “prostitution, when you work with ethical conditions, you offers to spend a good time with someone that wants to be with you, a covenant very clear what is going to happen in the appointment, and without any complications for any of the parties,” he says.

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Some escorts reveal how their first day at “work” is 

Elena is 27 years old, luxury companion, an escort, according to the anglo-saxon term already adopted in our country. That is to say, she is one of the girls that our solitary executive of visit in Barcelona resorts for such a special occasion. Perhaps for all night: to accompany him to the party, the celebrations later, and probably also to the hotel. Yes, almost all the quotes like this include sex, but not only: it is about engaging with a company with which to share the experience without the tensions characteristic of much of tie board or, why not, perhaps the appearance of success also in the private life. Elena knows how to do it, in any context, even in a business meeting if needed. But of course, that you pay: 400 euros the first hour; 200 plus the additional 1,600 a night or 3.200 if what you want is a whole weekend, why not, the quality of EscortsBarcelona is that high. In fact, it was the time that she was hired in one of his last visits abroad, to Dubai in particular, in which she lived as a “miniholiday”, according to what she says.

The willingness to travel is one of the features of Elena, and the majority of companions that offer this service. Your job is to act as an intermediary, to put in contact the client with the girl, and little more. Yes, with some girls that have passed a casting prior to demonstrate that they meet the necessary requirements for a client “we know demanding by nature”, according to one of the partners of the agency. “They have to speak languages, to be highly educated, have a certain cultural level and, of course, a physical, very neat, as are the costumes.”

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